Soccer world cup. Mundial de Rusia

Russian soccer world cup 2018

Mundial de Rusia

Written by Alejandro Carpio

The soccer world cup  held in Russia with a lot of modern and big stadiums , and also with its big  esplanades to train on and with famous monuments is being a bomb for all the television media and even for the country itself

This world cup of soccer is being a little bit strange because teams like Mexico are beating national soccer teams like Germany ,but It’s also the biggest soccer competition  in the world  One of the favorite National Teams  to win this event is “La selección Española”, among other like Brasil , France or Portugal . “La selección Española”  is one of the favorite because there are a lot of good players and they connect very good among them.

The Portuguese national team is one of the favorite because of Cristiano Ronaldo ,one of the  best soccer players in the world.

The biggest problem of this world cup has been the dismissal of the Spanish coach Julen Lopetegui a day to start the world soccer cup. Now he has gone to train to the Real Madrid F.C where one of the best football players like Cristiano Ronaldo as well as Sergio Ramos or Luka Modriç , are going to train together.

Players need to communicate there in Russia, they need to speak English . The best way to learn English is to sing up in the “Aprenda inglés online” , that is a class in the net , created by Centre Point.